Our Story

It Started in an attic…

Michelle found yoga in her teenage years, she loved the way it made her feel and its deep spiritual connections to India. Yoga followed her through out her life and her career as a secondary school teacher. Michelle decided to train to teach to enable her to create a home practice but before she knew it, others wanted to train with her.

In 2010 Bliss Yoga was born in Michelle’s attic at her home in Walsall. Her classic Hatha style with Yoga Nidra soon became so popular that she had to take her classes out to local venues.

Bliss continued to develop at an explosive pace and in 2013 Michelle opened a dedicated yoga studio in Aldridge. A year later Bliss expanded by opening classes in Sutton Coldfield and in 2015 the Bliss Yoga Teacher Training Academy opened its doors and is now a Centre of Excellence for Teacher Training.

Bliss has continued to grow at an astonishing rate and this year we are proud to announce the launch of our new brand ‘Sandstone Yoga’ and our unique franchise opportunities

Why Sandstone?

Sandstone has a very powerful spiritual meaning. It is called the stone of creativity; it is a stone of strength within relationships both at home and in the workplace; it helps you to stay focused, happy and discern the truth. Sandstone is the very essence of our Yoga brand.

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Sandstone Yoga Timeline

Launch of the first franchised Sandstone studio in Sutton Coldfield.

Launch of Sandstone Yoga brand and Franchise opportunities.

Our first overseas retreat to Andalucia

Launch of the Bliss Yoga Teacher Training Academy

Bliss Yoga & Pilates pops up in Sutton Coldfield!

Bliss Yoga & Pilates Studio opens in Aldridge

Bliss expands community classes and takes on first teacher.

Bliss launches classes at local venues.

Bliss is born in Michelle’s attic

Our Story-Sandstone-Yoga-Pilates

Our Classes