Hi, I'm Cassie Aurora

I started my yoga journey 8 years as a PT and nutritionist in the fitness industry alongside my musical theatre degree. For 4 years I worked overseas where I began teaching yoga. Through this time I have gained lots of experience working with many different people and gaining qualifications such as my Reiki Master accreditation. I am passionate about using yoga, fitness, singing, Reiki, and plant based nutrition to help people overcome mental and physical issues, heal themselves and become the best, most awesome version of themselves that they can be.

I enjoy making yoga a playful and curious journey of self discovery without letting the ego take front stage. At the core of my yoga practise is self compassion, mindfulness, respect for the body, physical alignment and optimum energy flow within the body.

If I’m not practising yoga or Reiki you can find me singing, playing music, blogging, out in nature, weightlifting or being a general crazy dog lady. I look forward to guiding you through your yoga journey.