We offer a wide range of enjoyable workshops for your personal or professional development (CPDs for teachers).

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Arm Balancing Workshop with Irina Billingham

Saturday 8th September, 1.30pm

(Sutton Coldfield Studio)

If you’ve seen the impressive images of yogis in arm balances and wondered how they do it this is the workshop for you.   Arm balances need a combination of strength, technique, focus, flexibility and confidence.   With her usual sense of fun and humour, Irina will guide you through some practices to engage the core muscles needed and to develop heat and strength in the body.  By the end of the workshop we aim to have you feeling confident and “taking flight”.

Yoga for a Healthy Back & Spine Workshop

Saturday 6th October, 2 – 4.30pm

(Aldridge Studio)

Awaken your spine with Sandstone Yoga & Pilates. Many yoga asanas (postures) gently strengthen the muscles in your back, as well as the abdominal muscles. Strong back and abdominal muscles are essential for keeping a healthy spine, helping the body maintain proper poster and movement. When these muscles are well conditioned, back pain can be greatly reduced or avoided. This workshop is suitable for all abilities and anyone wanting to maintain or improve their spinal health.

In this workshop we will:

  • Learn a brief anatomy of the spine and its 4 main movements
  • Stretch and strengthen the spine through a series of posters and sequences
  • You will understand which yoga techniques and postures benefit different conditions and different parts/movements of the spine
  • Practice pranayama (breathing) techniques to help increase blood circulation, oxygen and prana (energy) to facilitate healing
  • Practice meditation for easing back pain
  • Healthy snacks and hot/cold drinks will be provided
  • Enjoy a relaxing yoga nidra
  • Leave with a relaxed body, improved posture and alignment and a greater sense of newness to carry you forward into the Autumn

FREE Discover Yoga Teacher Training Event

Saturday 6th October 11.45 – 1.45pm

(Aldridge Studio)

Ever dreamed of following your passion & changing lives? Why not change your life & become a yoga teacher with Sandstone’s Teacher Training Academy 200HR Yoga Alliance Professional’s Course starting February 2019.

We have various training routes from weekend options to intensive courses in Italy with Ambra Vallo & Fabio Filippi, there is a route to suit every aspiring teacher.

Join Michelle Nicklin SYT at our Aldridge Studio and discover why you would be a perfect yoga teacher. In the meantime, download our brochure and check out our renowned Teacher Training Academy at

FREE Discover Pilates Teacher Training Course

Sunday 6th October 2.15 – 4.15pm

(Aldridge Studio)

Bringing you the finest Pilates Education in the World!

Sandstone Yoga & Pilates are proud to partner with Balanced Body to deliver a 2019 training programme that is designed to create thoughtful, creative and successful Pilates Mat Teachers.  Our Pilates Mat teacher training programme will open your mind to the magic of movement and the joy of teaching.

Join Michelle Nicklin, founder of Sandstone Yoga & Pilates, and Keeley Craigie at our Aldridge Studio and discover why you would be a perfect Pilates Mat Teacher. At this free event you will meet the teachers and support staff, learn about the course structure and timings, see the manuals and teaching aids, find out about pricing and payment options, discover our unique philosophy and let us answer your questions.

Kids One Day Yoga Course

Sunday 7th October, 9.30 – 5pm

(Aldridge Studio)

Calling all Teachers, Parents and Yoga Teachers!

Come and learn how to share the joy of yoga, meditation & relaxation with children aged 4 – 11. This course is for existing school/ yoga teachers, parents, carers, teaching assistants or those looking to move into this area. This course will give you the skills, confidence and tools to start passing the joy of yoga onto a future generation, developing their life skills and personal confidence.

Early Bird Discount Savings! Pay just £79 for the one day course

Six Principles of Pilates with Jayne Pugh

Sunday 14th October, 2 – 4pm

(Sutton Coldfield Studio)

Explore the Six Principles of Pilates in this two hour Workshop with the fabulous Jayne Pugh.

With her usual sense of humour Jayne will spend time guiding you through the Six Key principles, the History and Controlology of Pilates, as well as the 5 movements of the spine and a selection of the pure Pilates movements.

Book your spot before the 30th September for the early bird price of £20.   Full price £25.

The Art of Hands-on Assisting & Adjusting One Day CPD

Friday 23rd November, 10 – 5pm

This workshop will give you the knowledge and practical skills to feel much more confident in why and how you can use physical touch in a more skilful way as a teacher.

Effective, sensitive and appropriate use of touch can be a great teaching tool but is often an area that teachers feel unsure of. During this workshop for yoga teachers and teachers in training we will be exploring the ethics and practice of using hands-on techniques with our students. Using lecture, discussion, and practical pairs or group work we will be looking at the following over the course of the day:

·        The ethics and considerations of manual cueing

·        Different approaches to hands on adjustment

·        Why might we use physical touch in the first place?

·        What makes a good adjustment?

·        Body placement of the teacher – where and why?

·        How to know what is appropriate for individual students

·        Appropriate pressure, sensing and feeling

Book & Pay in full by 30th September for Early Bird Price £75 for one day training.  

50 Hour Intensive CPD Italy 2018

Deepen your Practice & Training with Ambra Vallo & Fabio Filippi

Workshops & CPDs-Ambra-Vallo-Sandstone-Yoga-Pilates

Whether you are a yoga teacher or a yogi wishing to devote some time and energy to advancing your personal practice in a beautiful location, this Yoga Alliance Professionals CPD will provide you with the knowledge and tools to enrich yourself.

This 50-hour programme will create the space for you to advance your physical and spiritual practice with world-renowned Ambra Vallo and Fabio Filippi and Sandstone Founder Michelle Nicklin, SYT.  The programme includes functional anatomy, advancing your teaching & practice, creating a successful yoga career & much more.  All this will take place in the peaceful environment of ‘Yoga in Salento’ in Southern Italy in September 2018.  It should be a transformative week for us all.

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training CPD with Dawn Wright SYT – January 2019

Aldridge Studio – This is one of the few places to do a standalone CPD outside of London! NEW to Sandstone Yoga & Pilates

During this 5 – day teacher training intensive (18th – 20th January & 9th – 10th February 2019) you will explore the practice and experience of Yoga Nidra, allowing you to deepen your practice and personal experience, to understand the history, science and benefits of the practice and to develop all the skills you need to teach Yoga Nidra. (You will receive 50 hours CPD accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals)

  • Open to all qualified Yoga teachers and teachers in training anywhere
  • 5 days including 2 weekends (18th – 20th January & 9th – 10th February 2019)
  • All props provided

Yin Yoga Teacher Training CPD with Dawn Wright SYT – March 2019

Aldridge Studio – This is one of the few places to do a standalone CPD outside of London!

During this 5 – day teacher training intensive (29th, 30th, 31st March & 11th & 12th May 2019) you will explore the practice and experience of Yin Yoga, understand the history and concepts of Yin Yoga, and learn how to effectively teach this subtle but powerful style of Yoga, leaving you with a deeper understanding of this practice and its theory and confidence to teach Yin to your students. (You will receive 50 hours CPD accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals)

  • Open to all qualified Yoga teachers and teachers in training anywhere
  • 5 days including 2 weekends (29th – 31st March & 11th – 12th May 2019)
  • All props provided