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Join Janice for a Yin, Yoga Nidra & Meditation Workshop on Saturday 1st July at 11.30am, Aldridge, Early Bird Price £20.

Janice recently returned to India for a week of sunshine, followed by a week of Yin Yoga Teacher Training. Janice explains “Yin Yoga is one of my favourite practices, I wanted to increase my knowledge of Yin and the meridians, our energy system within the body. Yin Yoga is not a new practice, this is where Yoga started thousands of years ago, and is now becoming more and more popular as the physical and mental benefits are again being recognised. Yin Yoga is a quiet practice that brings harmony and relaxation and a well needed balance to our busy modern Yang lifestyles. It can also help slow down the natural ageing process of the body.

Yin is a passive, slow and meditative practice that is very individual. It is combined with Chinese medicine theories and Taoism. In Yin we stretch and stimulate the deeper layers of the body, our fascia, connective tissue, ligaments and joints. The postures are seated or lying and are held for 3 – 5 minutes, and the muscles stay relaxed the whole time. Whilst holding the poses our Chi, our life force is accumulated, when we release the pose this allows the Chi to flow more freely removing blockages within the body and enhancing and strengthening our Chi.

Yin Yoga mainly targets the area from the knees to the mid back, as well as the joints and ligaments from the feet to shoulders.  We stimulate the area around the hips and pelvis, the lower back and all four sides of the legs (front, back, inner, outer). I sit at a desk during the day, just like many others, for me this proved that regular Yin practice helps with postural habits and the shortening of connective tissue as a result of sitting for long periods of time.

I strongly encourage everyone to include Yin Yoga in their lives, the balance is needed, the benefits are amazing. Practice Yin with a Yin attitude, letting go of all expectations, accepting and embracing…. the power of Yin is time not effort.  I look forward to seeing you on the Yin side.

All levels welcome.  Please bring a blanket for relaxation.


Join Dawn Green for ‘Awaken your Kundalini Energy’ workshop on Saturday 30th September 11.30am. 

Unlock your inner energy centres through postures, breathing, chanting, relaxation and meditation with Dawn Green. Kundalini is the yoga of awareness, moving the energy that lies dormant with us all through the seven chakras. It acts as a ladder to deep spirituality and healing and regular practice rids blockages within the body and allows the Prana, our vital life force, to flow freely around the body bringing us greater vitality, strength, stamina, intuition, courage, radiance and more. All ages and abilities are welcome to come along to this exciting workshop to explore the three thousand year old teaching brought to us by Yogi Bhajan.

Early Bird price £20

Yin CPD with Dawn Wright SYT

Aldridge Studio

What is this course:

During this 5 – day teacher training intensive you will explore the practice and experience of yin Yoga, understand the history and concepts of Yin Yoga, and learn how to effectively teach this subtle but powerful style of Yoga, leaving you with a deeper understanding of this practice and its theory and confidence to teach Yin to your students. (You will receive 50 hours CPD accredited through Yoga Alliance Professionals)

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