2019 – What a wonderful year!

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Yoga Teacher Training.

Last year we  had an amazing group of students. What an  absolute pleasure to welcome you all into our community here at Sandstone Yoga & Pilates. You are part of our family forever.

You have thought about teaching yoga. You’ve attended classes, your practice is at a level where you’re confident and you’d like to go a bit further. Learning to teach yoga is what we here at Sandstone specialise in. Our 200 hours, Yoga Alliance Professionals accredited course gives you all the tools, skills and hands on experience you need to flourish as a yoga teacher.

Teaching yoga is a career within the wellness, wellbeing and lifestyle industry that offers practitioners huge fulfilment. You are providing a service that helps others with their health, not only physically but emotionally and mentally. The increase in mental health awareness has never been so present in our news, in our work lives, in our families and communities. The importance of mental health awareness is paramount in all of our lives. Yoga is such a wonderful tool to help balance, control and maintain a healthy mental state of being.

Teaching yoga gives you more than a new career. Within your own community you will soon be known as the yoga person! “My back aches, what can yoga do to help me?”, “I’ve recently recovered from an injury, would yoga be good for me?”.

Helping others by using your new skills and experience is something special. Teach yoga to as many people as you can. You will see that learning to teach yoga was one of the best routes you ever embarked upon here with Sandstone Yoga & Pilates teaching academy.

Another wonderful year of yoga teacher graduates.


If you would like to join our Academy for the March 2020 course, then please do get in touch. Spaces are going quickly, and we really would like to give you the opportunity this year to join us and get your yoga aims achieved!

Contact Lis at the Bearwood studio on: 0121 270 5648 or Lousie at the Sutton Coldfield Studio on: 0121 647 3614

Email: teachertraining@sandstoneyoga.co.uk




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