Adventures of a Travelling Yogi – Sri Lanka Part 1

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“Travelling.  It Leaves You Speechless Then Turns You Into A Storyteller.”

What a Trip!

I have just spent two and a half weeks travelling around the wonderful island of Sri Lanka with my family.  Boris, myself and our two teenage daughters aged 15 and 13 love visiting other places, seeing the world from different angles and meeting new people.  Both Boris and I have spent long periods overseas, together and apart, and seeing our kids respond to the challenges of being on the road in a country and culture so removed from our own was truly inspiring.

An Unexpected Paradise

To be honest, you can’t go wrong in Sri Lanka!  It’s a country steeped in history and variety.  A safe and welcoming place to travel offering opportunities to go on safari, surf, snorkel and dive in the Indian ocean, visit hill station tea plantations, Bhuddist shrines, Hindu temples, drop in for yoga on the underdeveloped beaches and just hang out with the locals without any hassle.  What’s not to love?

Follow Your Dreams

I developed short vlogs (first one below) whilst out there which I will be sharing with you in the coming weeks.  The trip made me realise again the great diversity and abundance in this amazing world of ours and how yoga can help you achieve your dreams and follow your hearts true desire.  Travel and feeling free is so important for me to feel fulfilled and able to enjoy being at Sandstone Yoga – big thanks to the amazing team here for supporting me in that.


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