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In this article Sandstone Yoga Teacher Trainee Emma Jewkes talks about why she decided to train and how Yoga Teacher Training has made an impact on her life.  Yoga Teacher Training Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, West Midlands

“My early 20’s was a period of great change in my life, I moved back to my home town after university and had to make career and relationship decisions. I felt disconnected, without stability, as I had no clear roots or path to follow at the time. I joined a local yoga group and found yoga nidra and meditation. I became hooked! The power of sankalpa was transformative!

During my 20 years of practice, I watched yoga grow into the massive industry it is today. No longer was it the slightly weird practice that alternative types followed, which is testament to its power to help people and its need in our society. I was so grateful when Sandstone opened its first studio not far from where I lived – suddenly, I could practice my passion with lots of like minded people – a real sangha environment. I felt teacher training with the Sandstone Academy was the next natural progression on my yoga journey.

I love the inclusiveness and diverse experience of all the mentors at Sandstone. As the industry has grown the philosophical grounding of yoga can sometimes be absent. This isn’t the case with Sandstone. Michelle Nicklin, the founder is a truly authentic yogi with many years of experience.

The Sandstone Academy has given me the tools to pass the benefits of yoga on to others. I’m not quite sure where my teaching journey will take me but I do know that it will be amazing.”

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