Dear Sandstone Yoga & Pilates community,
Thank you first and foremost to all of you for your continued support during this time.
As we learn more each day about the COVID-19 pandemic and are able to bring you updates, we continue to provide a service to all of you that wish to attend classes, and any of the events that we have on our current programme. At this time, we are cancelling pregnancy yoga classes across all of our studios as this has been outlined as a vulnerable group. If you are booked onto any of our workshops, retreats or courses, we will be contacting you separately to update you.
We anticipate that there will be changes to each of the studios schedules.You can update yourself online through the Mindbody app to check the classes that we are running.
To be mindful of a 2m distance between participants, there will be a reduction of mats to each class, so please book online before attending to get your spot as we will not be using the iPads for registration in the studio for the time being.
We are doing everything we can to ensure that you stay safe and are still able to enjoy your classes across all of our studios. We will remain open for business until we are guided otherwise. Online access to classes will be coming soon, so please watch out for details!
We will not be hiring out mats or props for the time being, so please bring your own.
We are maintaining hygiene levels in the studios as a priority, and ask that everyone continue to wash their hands in and out of our premises, use hand sanitiser when required (60% alcohol + is the most effective) and if you feel unwell or have a cough, please refrain from attending.
Please bear with us as we try to inform you of any changes as far ahead as possible. Although being a small business with limited resources we might not be able to inform you on an individual basis if the class is cancelled as we usually do. This too shall pass and with a collective effort, we will stay stronger.
We understand the importance of a healthy immune system, and as you are aware there is no better practice than yoga/ Pilates to help boost this. So we encourage you to please continue your classes, or your practice from home with the same enthusiasm as always!
We are here to listen to you, if you need help or feel alone at this time, then please don’t hesitate to contact us – you are our family, so reach out if you need us.
Please use our social media channels for updates and we welcome emails or calls at the studios if you would like to speak to someone direct.
Sandstone Yoga & Pilates