To honour these ancient practices & for the benefit of everyone:

Honouring Yourself

  • Yoga is a barefoot practice
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing
  • Practice without competing with yourself or others.
  • Don’t judge yourself, be gentle on yourself
  • Breathe slowly and smoothly throughout the class
  • Stop and rest when needed
  • If you have a chronic or acute illness or injury please seek medical advice before practising Yoga
  • Yoga is often used as a therapy alongside traditional medicine, Yoga must not be used as a replacement for medication

Honouring Others

  • Please switch off mobile phones and leave them with your personal belongings outside the studio rooms
  • Save social conversations for before or after the class
  • Please arrive promptly and quietly 15 minutes before

Honouring Your Studio

  • Please when arriving remove outdoor shoes at the door, no shoes on the studio floor at any time
  • Please respect that the class starts on time
  • Do not leave the class unless it is a real emergency

Honouring Your Teachers

  • All Yoga teachers are also yoga practitioners
  • It is an ongoing training, most teachers devote their whole lives to learning and sharing the wisdom of the teachings of this ancient practice
  • There are safe and unsafe ways to practice.  Allow yourself to be guided by our highly trained teachers
  • I humbly bow to all my teachers past present and future. Namaste.

Honouring The Practice

Smile… fall in love with yoga, live your yoga, let go and enjoy!  Be happy. Be healthy.