“Find your life’s true purpose and then make it happen” by Michelle Nicklin.

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We are so proud at Sandstone Yoga & Pilates – Michelle’s latest article for Om Yoga magazine just made it to the front cover! Follow your Dharma everyone and read the article page 74-75 for more @omyogamagazine

So what is Dharma?
“I’m following my Dharma – are you? So often we hear this concept in yoga circles. The idea of finding your Dharma, then having the will and fearlessness to follow it, are ideas that are espoused as a way of life now. We should all be living the dream, throwing aside life limiting beliefs and marching with open hearts towards the lifestyle we want. In my experience, discovering your Dharma may bring a previously elusive richness to your life – but this path needs tending frequently to ensure the inevitable challenges do not allow us to stray too far from the path.”
To read more of the article visit www.omyogamagazine.co.uk

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