benefits of franchising

Why Buy a Franchise?

When it comes to starting your own business you often think “Can I?” and this is a common issue.  This self-questioning highlights one of the main fears that most people encounter.

But at Sandstone we answer “Can I?” with Yes you can!

It is clear that our current franchisees have a vested interest in maintaining the high standards and reputation of Sandstone and directly benefit from their hard work as their franchise grows.  This is already proven.

Independent research shows that franchising is a strong business model for franchisees with the British Franchise Association reporting that 92% of all UK franchisees being profitable over the 12 months.
We are completely committed to developing a network of successful lifestyle business owners, who love the brand and blossom into really strong business people in their own right.  They also have a successful lifestyle business to sell on as an asset at some point.
Franchising has bought benefits to both us and our Sandstone franchisees.  A true win – win scenario.

Here are some of the top reasons for becoming a Sandstone franchisee:

  1. Lower Risk: Becoming a franchisee is a less daunting way to start a yoga studio. You tap into the experience of the whole team immediately and benefit from their accumulated knowledge.


  1. Brand Recognition: You buy a brand that you like that resonates with you and already is known in the yoga world and beyond. Sandstone is instantly recognisable and this brand recognition will grow over the coming years as more studios open.


  1. Flexibility:   This is important when seeking a new career path. We often speak to people that are in their 30s or early 40s that are tired of their current career & are seeking alternatives. The freedom of being your own boss is highly appealing.  Owning a Sandstone studio provides a career that is rewarding, helps people daily and gives you the ability to run your own diary.


  1. Success History: You buy a business model with a proven track record. This gives peace of mind it has been done before and there is a system in place to ensure your track record is good too.  Each studio has recognised a success rate that would have taken much longer to achieve alone.


  1. Lucrative: The rewards are there. With a successful business the sky’s the limit and as you grow your client base and community there are plenty of opportunities with the Sandstone model to provide lucrative services to meet their needs.


  1. Join a team: You become part of a network of studio owners who remember starting their own business too.Though each of the studios are independent from one another, the structure benefits each of them, and in turn new franchisees share in the collaborative benefits of the organisation.   Franchisees also work together on smaller projects too, such as international retreats. You never feel like you’re on your own as part of a franchise. Meet our Franchisees here.


  1. Quicker startup:  You are joining an organisation that has the experience and resources to open your studio quickly.  We have access to a wealth of experts nationally who can kick start you to success.


  1. Long-term relationship:  The support is on-going, not just at the beginning. With ongoing support, mentoring and training, you will learn from the team, and have access to a host of resources. You will achieve your objectives & receive excellent on-going training. Running your business outside of a franchise system means that you will take more time out from the business in order to learn, gather or generate these resources alone.


  1. A Proven Model: With a lower risk of failure, franchisees can operate their business working to a model that has worked time and time again. This doesn’t negate hard work, determination or ambition. We look for people that want to push themselves, challenge the everyday and make their dreams come true! We just like to make that a little easier! The first 12 months in any business can be challenging as you find your feet, learn new processes and skills, and develop your existing ones. What we have found is that all of our franchisees love the fact that all their hard work and efforts are going towards their own business. You are learning to enhance your own skills for your own goals – something most people don’t experience in employment situations.


  1. Build savings for the future: You are developing a business which is an asset that can be sold on. Michelle successfully built her first studio business up and sold it on to Katie Wall who became a franchisee.  Resales of existing studios will grow over the coming years as current franchisees move on having achieved their aims. Our licences last for a minimum of 5 years with an option to renew.  However you can sell your business at any point (we recommend after you have built it up so it is worth more) and a new licence will be granted to the new franchisee.

Franchise Territories

We are now recruiting for exceptional franchisees in key regions across the UK.  If you have a passion for yoga, Pilates or wellbeing, plenty of enthusiasm and energy and the desire to build a successful Sandstone Yoga business in your area, please contact us today to take the first steps.

If this sounds like you, then let’s talk!

Simply email or call 01922 277684 for a FREE  Franchise Information Pack or fill in our enquiry form at the bottom of this page.