Kundalini Yoga: Recharge Your Whole System!

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Wow!  What an amazing night’s sleep I just had!

Last night I tried our new Monday night class Kundalini Yoga with our long established and ever-popular teacher Dawn Green.   It was great to see familiar faces and new ones at the very first session, and we all literally came out glowing!

The class follows a particular format (a Kriya) with a few moments of awareness at the beginning then specific postures and movements that are unfamiliar to many of us.  The Kundalini postures have different names such as Jupiter and Sufi grind and the main type of breathing is known as breath of fire which is great for abdominal toning.

Movements are repeated for short periods of time and each one works on a different energy centre in the body.  These centres or chakras as we yogis call them are systematically recharged during class and that’s where the healing, the toning, the work takes place.

We work through each of the seven main chakras, one by one bringing heat and energy up through the body.  My body felt warm from the inside in a very different way from a hot yoga class.  I could actually feel my body feeling more upright and my shoulders feeling less burdened.  I felt healed.

The ending with a mantra from Yogi Bhajan (in English) was wonderful.  This is a not-to-be missed class for all.  Beginners and those recovering from injury are welcome, and those who love to work can also be challenged in this class.

A truly authentic experience!


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