Michelle’s Top Tips  for a Chilled Christmas

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Yes it is possible – a totally chilled out Christmas…the studios are open over the holiday period for the first time ever! We even have a social event in Sutton Coldfield after class to keep you blissed out. Here are the 3 things I will be doing over one of my favourite times of year to make this another splendid season . . .


Keep practising yoga…

…even if you can’t make it to a class.  You don’t need to know the moves or a sequence. Just practice moving the body, oiling the joints, keeping mobile each day if possible & your return to the studio will be so much smoother.


Stay connected to nature

Most of us have some aspect of nature that speaks to our souls. Get outdoors daily, take a walk, ride your bike, go for a run, swim, sauna, light a real fire. Nature equals nurture in so many ways.


Drink plenty of water

Did you know more than half of your body is composed of water? All this water helps with critical functions like maintaining body temperature, cushioning & protecting vital organs & aiding digestion. Occasional over-indulgence may lead us to neglecting our bodies cries for hydration. Drink water & feel better, it is as simple as that.


Have a wonderful festive season everyone

Love & blessings

Michelle xXx


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