It’s Movember, Mens Health Month!

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It’s easy to think that yoga is just for women, but of course it’s for dude’s too.  In fact some of the common poses in yoga are particularly effective for some of the larger and tighter muscles men generally boast about.


Our top 3 poses for men are:

1 – Standing Forward Fold.  This pose is great for stretching out the back of the legs, hips & hamstrings.

2 – Warrior One.  Keep those hips square to the front in this pose.  Hold the pose to ten breaths and never again will you question whether yoga is physically challenging enough.

3 – Downward Facing Dog.  Yoga’s ‘good all-rounder’ pose.  It opens up the hamstrings, calves, shoulders and arms as well as improving circulation which is important for heart health.

We have 3 great men teaching classes and workshops here at Sandstone.

Dave Glover – Birmingham’s premier Ashtanga teacher and his weekly class is held on a Wednesday @ 6.15pm.

Chris Randall who teaches two fabulous weekly classes on a Monday evening @ 6.15pm Hot Yoga & Relax ‘n’ Restore @ 7.30pm.

Fabio Fillippe is a devoted discipline of Sri Dharma Mittra and brings the wonders of Dharma yoga to the studio every month.  Our next 90 minute class is on 16th January at 7.30pm.


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