Our Family is growing…Meet Ruth-Anne, our fourth franchisee.

Michelle September 24, 2019 0 comments 3

Following an amazing response to the Sandstone franchise opportunity we are pleased to announce that we have granted our fourth licence to operate a Sandstone studio.  Ruth-Anne Adams is our fourth franchisee!

Ruth’s Story

” I’ve always said your diet isn’t just what you eat. Its what you do every day, it’s what you read, who you talk to, what inspires you and how you’re looking after what goes into your mind and your body. It’s the care we give our future selves in the now, and the present which really shapes how we feel in the future…and that is the reason why Yoga is such an important piece of that self care tool kit. That’s the reason I found it, and it found me. 

I am a mental health clinician whose area of specialism is within female health through hormonal changes, so my approach to yoga has been a little different. I see the benefits this ancient practice of movement, breathing and meditation has on the mind and body through clients as well as myself. Yoga has such an incredible ability to not only build strength in the body but resilience in the mind, and in a society where we are often holding our breath and in a state of stress, anxiety or lacking confidence yoga delivers us back to a centred state of wellbeing that can help so many. 

I came to Sandstone, as I knew their wonderful approach to authentic, non competitive Yoga and Pilates was exactly what I wanted to incorporate within my new health and wellbeing facility, The Bourne House Practice. I’ve worked in other clinics all over the UK, so 12 months ago I decided I wanted to bring my vision of a pharmacy free clinic and the best yoga & pilates school to life. That vision is now a real facility in Broadway where we deliver ground breaking treatments and therapies alongside traditional practices, in a community and family, which is true to the Sandstone ethos! Yoga is one of the fundamental pillars, which gives us time to connect to our bodies and mind, and I am absolutely honoured to be able to be part of the Sandstone family delivering this ancient practice to all. “

Ruth x


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