Sandstone Broadway – our Cotswolds yoga destination

Michelle February 5, 2020 0 comments 0

If you haven’t ventured to Broadway and you live for that idyllic country village setting, then Broadway has to be on your list!

Our newest Sandstone Yoga & Pilates studio opened its doors last September. Ruth Anne Adams and her team offer a wonderful programme of classes to suit all abilities, and since opening so many of you have started your yoga journeys with us. We are so please that Sandstone has made such an impact in a relatively quiet idyll, and that so many of you are enjoying trying out studio based yoga!

Broadway offers lots of great things to do for everyone! If you’re planning a romantic getaway filled with country walks, pub lunches and a spot of shopping then Broadway offers everything you need. Great for foodies, chefs and bakers, there are plenty of deli’s and cafes to explore, and locally sourced produce and artisan products available for you to take home and cook with! If you’re into art, then there’s no end of excellent galleries offering local artist’s work, as well as the abundance of interior design boutiques where you can find inspiration for your home and business.

Broadway has become our destination. Here at Sandstone Yoga & Pilates, we believe that carving time out for yourself is very important. What better way to do that than yoga?! Join us as we prepare to release our wonderful schedule of yoga retreats for those that need some ‘me’ time. From our beautiful Broadway studio, Ruth and her team will be presenting 1 day workshops that you simply have to be part of!

So keep up to date via our social media and website for all of Sandstone’s retreats coming up this year. One of them may just be the tonic you need.




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