Sri Lanka March 2020: Our First Asian Retreat

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Find Bliss & Keep It!
Yoga & travel are two activities that bring similar benefits to mind & body.    Be part of our inclusive community with an afterglow that lasts.
We’re excited to announce our latest date, a 7 night yoga holiday in Sri Lanka.  Sandstone studio owners Louise & Lis will guide you through two sessions a day covering a wide range of asana, meditation, yoga nidra & pranayama techniques.  Yes this is Lis & Louise’s retreat! Despite not having quite opened the door on her own Sandstone studio yet, Lis has been able to work with us to develop this exciting retreat.  We are totally thrilled that we can provide our studio owners with the ability to flourish.  It’s a big ask to open a studio let alone develop this high end offering.  So great to Lis & Louise working so well together on this one. . .
Expect more retreats from our studio owners soon but more information click  here

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