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Jayne Pugh

/ Pilates Teacher


Jayne who is 45 has been working with the Pilates technique for over 14 years.

She has worked in the fitness industry since the age of 19 and in 2000 she was trained in the Pilates method of body conditioning mat work by a well known Pilates Trainer MICHAEL KING who opened his first Pilates studio at Pineapple studios in Covent Gardens with clients such as Wayne Sleep, Brit Elkland and all the dancers from hot gossip, also teaching Pilates for the Royal Ballet all over the world.
Since Jayne qualified, she has taught Pilates at many fitness clubs over the last 14 years wanting to share to people how AMAZING the Pilates method is for
* Streamline your figure
* strengthen the core muscles
* Create longer, leaner muscles
* Improve posture, flexibility
* Balance
* Enhance your well being
* Reduce stress and fatigue




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