Hi, I'm Lis

Yoga changed my life. I’d always practiced on and off since University, but drifted into skiing, running and cycling for most of my twenties. Ten years ago I found myself craving something more than strength, endurance and adrenaline, and as soon as I got back on the mat I realised I’d found it. As well as freeing up my tightly wound muscles and allowing me to (finally!) touch my toes,  Yoga gave me the mental and emotional space and balance to stay grounded in a very busy and high pressured  environment. Yoga has not made me perfectly contented and flawless person – I still drink too much caffeine, watch too many murder documentaries and am usually late – but it has made much, much happier and healthier. Despite all those murder documentaries. 

I have been lucky to work with inspiring and enthusiastic people dedicated to improving lives through education throughout my career, and plan to bring that same dedication to learning and supporting people to the Sandstone community.

I still work in schools across the West Midlands, teaching English and supporting staff, but I now feel there is so much that we can learn that is beyond getting grades and more about accepting ourselves and growing our skills and capacities in ways that can’t be measured by exams, and is it limited by age. Yoga is a way for everyone, of every age and all abilities, to know themselves better and appreciate and improve their own abilities and, hopefully, their lives. 

“We practice not to make ourselves perfect, but to make ourselves whole”