Yes Pilates Can Help Reduce Stress!

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The first of April marks the start of Stress Awareness Month.
We are aware that we often emphasize the positive effects a yoga practice can have on our stress levels.  But did you know Pilates can also help?
Thanks to Jayne Pugh, our ever popular Pilates teacher for the following insight:
1) Improves concentration and minimises distraction. Slowing down in today’s uber-connected world is no small feat.
2) Learning to breathe deeply & intentionally creates a relaxation response in the body.  We know that Pilates breathing is almost the opposite to yoga breathing but it is still powerful.
3) The Pilates method is a very mindful form of exercise with complete awareness on particular parts of our body.  The way the mind connects with the body in Pilates often continues long after class.

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